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Greater St. Louis Area Council: Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America:  Greater St. Louis Area Council
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January 14
January Roundtable Handouts

Here are the handouts distributed during January Roundtable.​

January Roundtable Handouts.pdfJanuary Roundtable Handouts.pdf


Assisant Scoutmaster

Christine I love this idea!  No one from our troop could make the roundtable to pick these up.  Thank you for putting them out there!!
Sue Brewer on 1/25/2013 10:49 AM

Outdoor Committee Chairman

Thanks very much for adding this!  It makes it much easier to distribute information to the troop via this link and it cuts down on time spent in meetings discussing this. What a great idea!
Ron Pierceall on 2/6/2013 8:40 PM


Thank you for posting this info.  It is very useful!
Daniel Szatkowski on 2/11/2013 8:12 AM

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