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Greater St. Louis Area Council: Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America:  Greater St. Louis Area Council
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North Star


July 30
Fall Recruitment / School Night to Join Scouting -- Info for Leaders

The new Scouting year is coming up quickly, coinciding with the new school year!  This fall, we will enroll approximately 500 new families in North County, and 8,000 new families across the St. Louis area in Scouting.  Here is the plan for a successful fall enrollment (AKA "School Night to Join Scouting"): 

Follow these steps:

1.  Marketing experts tell us a person needs to be exposed to something times.  For SNJS this includes school flyers (two sets), posters at schools and on community billboards, yard signs, telephone calls, school newsletters, newspapers, television and radio announcements, stickers, tables at open houses, e-mail and phone blasts, classroom talks, boys wearing their uniforms to school that day, and more!  Our council will print flyers and deliver them to you or the school, whichever you prefer, as soon as you provide the details of your sign-up night.  We will also contact superintendents and principals to get approval for our promotional materials.  Pack and troop leaders should visit the schools they recruit from to promote Scouting to boys.  Professional staff can assist when leaders are unable or uncomfortable, but a personal connection from a leader they will see provides a far stronger invitation.

This is Scouting Skating Cub Scout.jpg
2.  Parents attend events when held at their children's school more often than when they are at a park, church, etc.  This is why most SNJS events are held at schools. 

3.  The SNJS event must be FUN!  It has to be more than a table with papers on it.  Set up a mock campsite, have some games, have snacks, show pictures from campouts, have small giveaways, etc.  This is a night to sign up for Scouts and Scouts only.  It needs to be in addition to anything you do at a school open house or similar function.  Make it FAST!  Families want to be in and out in 15-30 minutes.  Save in depth discussion of activities, training, etc. for the first pack or troop meeting. 

4.  Plan EARLY!  Parents want to see your unit's 2014-15 program calendar that night; they've already seen the sports schedule and the band schedule, you have to be as prepared.  Make it full of fun outings and exciting lessons.  Part of this also includes getting your details (e.g. time of sign-up night, location, contact person) to the council early.  The council print shop needs at least 4 weeks' notice to print flyers (free to you).  School visits typically need 2+ weeks notice to principals.  Reserving a gym or cafeteria often needs 30+ days notice and proof of insurance (available from our council). 

5.  "Be Prepared" -- Parents and boys read the flyers and took time from their schedule for attending your sign-up event specifially because they want to sign-up THAT NIGHT.  They decided to join when their boys begged them, they read the flyer, and they drove to your sign-up night.  They should not get info and then take home an application to turn in later.  This is critical!  Parent feedback tells us when packs and troops do not collect their applications on the sign-up night, they feel you have "wasted their time."   Get their complete application and registration fees that night.  It should be the first thing you do, before going into detail about the pack or troop.  If they want to go home and think about things like how to raise money for summer camp, when to buy a uniform, etc. they can.  

Items you will need at your sign-up night:  applications, spare change, your 2014-15 calendar, parent guides (available from the council), additional costs (den dues, uniforms, etc.), flyers showing where materials can be purchased and what they need, exact details about when and where the first meeting will be, position descriptions for recruiting new leaders, new den leader kits. "Day One" flyers for Cub Scouts, "Fright Fest" flyers for Cub Scouts, posters and yard signs, displays showing the fun things your unit  does, plenty of pens, someone to emcee the night, helpers to entertain the kids and someone to collect money and applications.  All unit leaders should be there.  Your commissioner staff can help too if needed.  Let us know if you need assistance.

6.  Have a back-up plan!  If it rains on your outdoor event, do parents know where to go?  If you are locked out of the school when you arrive, do you know who to contact?  Can you set up in the parking lot if you have to?  It has happened before.  Be prepared.This is Scouting Football Vertical.jpg

7.  Immediately following the event, a unit leader must visit the headquarters listed below to submit all new applications, fees, and sign-in sheets (we will make a copy if you do not have an extra).  Volunteers are at HQ to help sort through your materials, ensure accuracy, and calculate correct expenses.  Volunteers will remain on site until all units have arrived.  

  • Thursday, 08/28 Hazelwood School District - District Admin. Bldg. (15955 New Halls Ferry Rd., Florissant, 63031), 6:00-9:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, 09/16 - Ferguson/Florissant School District - District Admin. Bldg. B (1005 Waterford Dr., Florissant, 63033); 6:00-9:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, 09/23 - Riverview Gardens School District - TBD
  • Thursday, 09/25 - Jennings School District - TBD

Although the SNJS plan focuses primarily on Cub Scouts because it is their first exposure to Scouting, every troop and crew should adopt similar strategies for their fall recruitment events.  Good luck!  

July 21
Thank You Friends of Scouting -- 95% Raised To-Date
2014 FOS Header.jpg
On behalf of the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers in North Saint Louis County, we want to thank the following individuals and businesses for their financial support of Scouting.  You are impacting the lives of youth and creating leadership for the next generation.  Thank you!

To-date we have raised 95% of our $80,500 financial need!  
Visit to donate now!

A-List Realtors Florissant Valley Kiwanis Club Robinwood Automotive & Tire Service
Boeing Employee Fund Hussmann Corporation Rotary Club of Florissant
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Medtronic Sigma-Aldrich
Emerson Charitable Trust Money Gram SSM DePaul Health Center
Gateway Buick GMC Nidec Motor Corporation University of Missouri-St. Louis
Ramtek St. Louis, Inc. 

Ann Albrecht   Arthur Harding   Joan Reddy  
David Albright   Stephen Harrell Jr. Donald Reeves II
Scott Allen   Cassandra Hatter   Don Reeves  
Michelle Alphin   William Havern   Catherine Richard  
Sidney Ambort   Chuck Hayner Jr. Jane Richter  
Ron Ameln   Yvetta Hays   Kirk Richter  
Lisa Armbruster   Mark Hays   Kent Richter  
Linda Arnold   Fred Held Jr. Nick Ristevski  
Stephen Arthur   Charles Hoffman   Dan Robinson  
Scott Asperheim   Amy Hogan   Beverly Robinson  
Comfort Awodeyl   Gerard Hogenmiller   John Romeo  
Joseph Banden   Jeanne Holmes   Jean Romeo  
Michaelle Barnum   Brandi Hopkins   Thomas Rozanski  
Randul Baumgarth   Eric Hotze   Edward Ruhbeck  
Mark Behlmann   Darlene Howard   Timothy Ryan  
Loretta Belch   Richard Hoyt   James Sanderson  
Joseph Bell   Antwan Hrlan   Joe Sauer  
Craig Bell   Michael Huber   Fred & Georgia Schaljo  
Marie Bell   Sam Huhman   Rick Schlueter  
Oscar Benner   Petra Humphrey   Bob Schmidt  
Walter Bentrup   Phil Hutchinson   Jim Schneider  
Kimberly Benz   Phil Hutsler Sr. Donald Schnell Jr
Gary Bequette   Linda Ilseman   Dick Schul  
Tina Berger   Eddie James III Pauline Schwartz  
William Berhorst   Janine Jedding   Joe Schwarzbauer  
Dawn Berry   Arnold Jensen   Joseph Schwarzbauer  
Benjamin Birgen   Chris Jensen   Deborah Scott  
Annetta Bohnert   Denise Jensen   Felicia Scott  
Anita Boyd   Craig Johnson   Butch Segasture Jr.
Patrick Brady   Marvin Johnson   Denise Seid  
Joe Brady   Cynthia Johnson   Joseph Seper  
Ashley Brewer   Karen Johnston   Mary Shay  
Mavus Brooks   Scott Jones   Mark Shelton  
Carl Bruce   Demetria Jones   Joleen Shelton  
David Bruck   Monty Jones   John Shinstock Jr.
Louis Buck   Rhonda Jones   Aimce Sides  
Barbara Buenemann   Walter Kaiser   Jerry Sides  
Phillip Bump   Lynn Kalkbrenner   Richard Sienkiewicz  
Brad Burger   Diane Kamp   Morgan Silvey  
Randy Campbell   Katherine Kavanaugh   Mary Simon  
Charles Carey   Michael Kavanaugh   Angie Simpson  
Mark Carrier   John Kavanaugh   Freddie Simshauser  
Carol Casolari   Michael Keating   Carolyn Simshauser  
Sheena Chappel   Dave Kedge   Thomas Skouby  
Jim Cheever   George Kegler   Ronda Smith  
Bonita Coleman   Thomas Kennedy   Rosalind Smith  
Catherine Cook   Gordon King Sr. Robert Smith  
Curtis Coonrod   John Kipp Jr. Susan Spaziano  
Tenille Cooper   Michael Kirchner   Demetrius Spears Sr.
Michael Corry   Avrom Klatch   Pamela Stephen  
Ronald Cottle   Kenny Kleinberg   David Stevens  
Giovannina Cottrell   Kevin Klotz   Gary Steyer  
Bob Cox Jr. Nicholas Kobel   Jerry Stoliar  
Nicholas Coyle   Matthew Koch   Ward Stoll  
James Cribbett   Mike Kost   Amy Stribling  
Elicia Culton   Natalie Kost   Amy Stroman  
Francis Curran   Kevin Lake   Stephanie Sullivan  
William Danforth   Donald Lamers   Mary Tamborski  
Michael Dawson   Carl Langston   Sonya Thayer  
Craig Day   Elizabeth Leesmann   Raymond Thillet  
Heyward Decker   Martin Leifeld   Gloria Thomas  
Michael Decker   Michael Leonard   James Thompkins  
Frank Dellaquila   Carl Lewis   Barbara Thompson  
Stacy Derocchi   Cecilia Liddell   Neal Thompson  
Edgar Dick   Charles Lindner   Matthew Thompson  
Warren Doerle   Angela Lindner   Cory Timblin  
Amy Dohm   Jane Lindstrom   William Townsel  
Kevin Donohue   Albert Ludwig   Anthony Tremethick  
Richard Dorsey III Carey Lueker   Nancy Turbe  
Alice Douthit   Dave Lyle   Marc Turgeon  
Stephanie Drysdale   Johnnie Marco   Deanna Turner  
McFarlane Duncan   Cheryl Marcum   Mark Ulrich  
Fred Eberbach   Sterling Marshall   Jim Van Nest Jr.
John Ebert   Gregory Martin   Maria Van Stratton  
Elizabeth Eissler   Tony Matteoni   Robert Vasquez  
Robert Engemann   Karen Matthews   Thomas Viehman  
Veronica Eskridge   Robert McAdams   Dennis Walch  
Angela Evans   Pauline McFall   Fran Walters  
Paul Fellin   Duane McFall   Kenneth Watson  
George Fernau   David McFall   Karen Weber  
David Fitch   Aeric McFall   Camie Webster  
Barry Flachsbart   Kevin McGlone Jr. Jim Weis  
Jerome Flynn Sr. Kimberly McKenzie   Mark Weisheit  
Jennifer Fortner   John Meier   Dennis Wenholz  
Steven Francis   John Meyer   Phyllis Westermeyer  
Stephen Freisthler   E. Mleczko   Kent White  
Cyndi Frost   John Modder   Jerry Whitley  
Keith Frye   David Moon   Ken Wibbenmeyer  
Jeffrey Furman   John Morgan Sr. David Wichlinski  
Christy Galvan   Kathy Myers   David Wickersheim  
Delores Garrett   BJ Myler   Brian Williams  
Steven Garrett   Howard Nelson   Montrice Williams  
LaShonda Gathing   Heather Nelson   Dementrious Williams  
Daniel Geisler   Howard Nimmons   Steven Wills  
Jeremy Gettemeier   Maurice Noellsch   Tena Wilson  
Steve Gettemeier   Mike O'Brien   Daniel Winkelman  
Kevin Getter Sr. Thomas Orf   Rick Wisa  
John Gialouris   Eric Patzke   Christopher Wittenauer  
Bob Gianino   Shannon Perez   Tim Woelbling  
Joel Glassman   Vernon Peters Jr Andrew Wolf  
Kimberly Gordon   Kathy Pierson   Sheree Woodard  
Frances Gradberry   Paul Pilla   Charles Woods Sr.
Dave Griesemer   Susanne Polis   Charles Woods II
Danielle Grooms   Craig Pulley   Barb Wright  
Lance Hackney Sr. Elaine Radichel   Barbara Wright  
Karen Haferkamp   Paul Rauschenbach   Karen Wroblewski  
Darren Hale   Stephen Rechtein   Gregory Young  
Doug Hamm   Becky Rechtein   Don Zykan
Colleen Hannibal   Anonymous

(Pledges and payments received as of 7/18/14.)

June 18
Boy Scout Fall Camporee is October 24-26 (Check Your Calendar!)

Fall Encampment Image_Page_01.jpg

Download the Fall Encampment Manual and Registration Form.pdfFall Encampment Manual and Registration Form.pdf for more info and to register. 
You can also register online at 


​Our district's Boy Scout Fall Camporee is Friday, October 24 through Sunday, October 26 at Beaumont Scout Reservation.  

The program theme is SHOOTING SPORTS!  

This date is published everywhere - including our events calendar - EXCEPT the council pocket calendar which lists an incorrect date.  

Please plan to attend our Fall Camporee Oct. 24-26, 2014.  

June 17
Randy Baumgarth to Serve as Eagle Scout Board of Review Chairman
Beginning August 1, 2014, Mr. Randy Baumgarth has agreed to serve as our district's Eagle Scout Board of Review Chairman.  Mr. Baumgarth follows Mr. Charles Seris in leading a team of dedicated volunteers who manages and approves this honor, the highest rank in the Boy Scouting program, for Scouts in North Star District. 

Eagle Scout Boards of Review are held on the second Sunday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at St. Andrew United Methodist Church (3975 N. Hwy 67/Lindbergh, Florissant, MO  63034) unless noted otherwise on our events calendar.  

Prior to August 1, 2014, continue to work with Mr. Charles Seris, who can be reached at 314-524-6612. 
Beginning August 1, 2014, contact Mr. Randy Baumgarth at 314-830-0305 to schedule an appointment or for more info. 

Find additional details on our website "Advance as a Scout.​
April 10
Cub Scouts -- Get Signed Up For Summer Camp!

summer camp logo.gifThe highlight of a Cub Scout's year in Scouting is summer camp! Statistics show that boys who attend summer camp are FAR more likely to stay in Scouting longer and studies show many benefits of attending camp like trying new things and making new friends.  As you know, Scouting is built around age-specific programs.  As such, we have very different camp experiences planned this summer for each age group of Cub Scouting, from Tiger Cubs through Webelos Scouts.  Here's the breakdown so you can be ready!

What's available:  Parent & PalWebelos Mini-CampWebelos Weeklong-Camp,Grizzly  Camp, and Cub Scout Day Camp

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Which Camp Does My Scout Attend?

Parent & Pal ​Webelos Mini-Camp ​Webelos Weeklong-Camp ​Cub Scout Day Camp ​Grizzly Camp
​Graduated Kindergarteners
X*​ X (with 1:1 adult supervision)​ ​X (with 1:1 adult supervision)
​Graduated 1st graders ​X ​X ​X
​Graduated 2nd graders ​X ​X ​X
​Graduated 3rd graders

​X* ​X ​X ​X
​Graduated 4th graders
X​* ​X ​X X​
​Graduated 5th graders ​ Boy Scout Summer Camp With A Troop!  Click Here For More Information.  Not In A Troop? Click Here To Find A Troop.

*Parent & Pal camps are open to "new" Webelos Scouts (graduated 3rd and 4th graders that are considered moved up to 4th and 5th grade after June 1) after Feb. 1 after the graduated 1st and 2nd grade boys are given priority.

  1. Parent & Pal - An overnight campout for parents and sons.  Two nights, one day, two meals, $40, held at most of our council camps.  Click HERE for more info and registration forms.
  2. Webelos Mini-Camp -- Webelos Scouts camp in tents with their dens, hike trails, swim twice daily, have fun at campfires, work on activity badges, learn outdoor skills, and much more.  Three days, two nights, six meals, held at most of our council camps, $135.  Click HERE for more info and registration forms.
  3. Webelos Weeklong-Camp -- A very similar program to the mini-camp above, this camp is simply extended to give older boys an enhanced experience.  Six days, five nights, fifteen meals, held at most of our council camps, $250.  Click HERE for more info and registration forms.
  4. Grizzly Camp -- A daily activity camp for Cub Scouts with no overnight camping, similar to our district's Cub Scout Day Camps, but at Camp Grizzly Cub World (part of Beaumont Scout Reservation in St. Louis).  There are three sessions:  June 23-27 (at Tilles Day Camp), July 7-11 (at Beaumont), and July 14-18 (at Beaumont).  This council activity is a great addition or alternative to our district's Cub Scout Day Camps (see below).  Click HERE for more info and registration forms. 


And now..... the big enchilada.... Cub Scout Day Camps!

There are multiple Cub Scout Day Camps offered in North Star District (North St. Louis County); and we want to make sure you attend one or ALL of them!  That's right you can attend more than one! Click HERE to download registration forms, medical forms, etc. and you can even REGISTER ONLINE FOR DAY CAMP HERE.

When:  June 9-13; 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. daily  This camp has been cancelled.  Campers are permitted to transfer or receive a refund for their fees.Day Camp Pic 1.jpg
Where:  St. Ferdinand Park (1 St. Ferdinand Park Dr., Florissant, 63031)
Day Camp Director:  Roxie Tiek314-583-1854
Day Camp Program Director: Donna Yarbrough314-852-7814

When:  July 7-11; 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. daily
Where:  Knights of Columbus Park (50 Rue St. Francois, Florissant, 63031)
Theme:  Knights of the Roundtable
Cost:  $65 per Scout
Day Camp Director:  Delores Garrett, 314-838-1557
Day Camp Program Director:  Lois Westbrook314-921-7305

When: July 21-24; 4:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. daily
Where: St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley Campus (3400 Pershall Rd., Pershall Rd., Ferguson, 63135)
Theme:  STEM (Science, Techology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
Cost:  $65 per Scout
Day Camp Director:  Erika Bailey
Day Camp Program Director: Theresa Hacker314-458-4898​

April 03
April Roundtable is CANCELLED -- Check here for what you missed!


How to get the info you missed:

1. Check your email, we will send out a summary that includes links to information and flyers on our website. 

2. A unit representative can pick up your "folder" at our District Committee Meeting on April 17 at Black Jack Fire Protection District Admin. Building/House #3 (5675 N US Hwy 67, Florissant, MO  63034) from 6-7pm.

3. A unit representative can pick up your "folder" on April 8 at St. Louis Bread Co. (2375 N Hwy 67, Florissant, MO  63033) from 3-7pm.  Look for McFarlane or Mark.  We will have signage. 

4.  If you want us to mail your "folder" to you, let us know.  Contact Mark Hays at or 314-550-4233. 

5. Check THIS post (below).  We will update it over the next few days to include all info that would have been shared at Roundtable. 




The first Thursday of each month is "Roundtable" for leaders and parents.  This is a training opportunity to learn about upcoming programs as well as meet with your peers in small-group break-outs to share successes and obstacles, and learn about more specific programs for your pack, troop, or crew.  
Here are some of the topics that would have been covered at April Roundtable:


Click on the hyperlinks for more info.




·         Wood Badge – This is an advanced leadership training course for adults.  Typically this is done beyond the position training you have taken (e.g. Scoutmaster Training, Den Leader Training).  Participants have found it to be useful for Scouting, but also their careers and family lives.  There are some peculiarities with registering, so if you are interested then don’t hesitate to ask for help.  Next course is May 16-18  AND May 30-June 1 (total 6 days, 4 nights) at Beaumont Scout Reservation; cost is $250 if paid by March 5 or $275 after. 
·         Summer Camp – Summer camp is the highlight of each Scout’s year.  It is not only for recreation, but is an enhanced part of their yearly program.  Summer camps exist for all ages, in several locations, and of varying length.  Visit our website to start learning about opportunities.  We work hard to ensure every Scout can attend a camp.  This includes providing leadership, financial assistance,  and more.  Just tell us what obstacles are in your way and we are committed to helping overcome them.
 ·         Youth Protection Training Kits - These kits are designed for you to use so all adults in your unit can take training in a group setting.  Kits include: dvd, facilitator guide, participant questionnaires, and a training report form.  You can check out the kits at no charge.  Leaders can still take the training online or in other venues, this is just an additional way. Check them out at any office.  Contact the "Program Department" at 361-0600 for any questions.
 ·         Scout Days at Six Flags - On May 17 and 18 Scouts can receive special discounted admission, parking, and meals; or take part in an advancement workshop at the park or a behind-the-scenes tour of Hurrican Harbor!  Lots of options are available so check out the website linked above.
·         Leader Outdoor Experience – Training opportunity for Cub Scout leaders to learn about camping opportunities and procedures.  Next course April 26-27 (overnight) at High Ridge, MO; cost is $20


·         Cub Scout Day Camp, Parent & Pal Camp, Grizzly Camp, and Webelos Camps -- We know that Scouts who attend summer camp stay in Scouting longer.  We know that this Fall, a Scout who did not attend summer camp is very likely to drop out of Scouting.  Attending a camp is imperative for your Scouts.  This is why we offer several camps, with several themes, at several locations, and at several cost points.  Scouts do not have to go to the same camp as everyone else in the pack if that date does not work.  Check our website by clicking on this link to learn about all the options.

·         Let Go of Your Webelos Scouts – A boy can join a Boy Scout Troop when he is (a) 11 years old, (b) on June 1 after he graduates 5th grade, or (c) if he is 10 & has earned the Arrow of Light award.  If you have Webelos Scouts who are eligible to join a troop right now, make it happen!  The longer they attend pack meetings after this time, the less likely they are to ever join a troop.  Troops do more advanced and exciting activities (e.g. winter camping, horse treks, sailing).  If your pack doesn’t intend to do a graduation ceremony until May, then just invite them back to be a part of it; but do not make them wait.  Each day that passes when they could be in a troop, increases the likelihood they will never join.      
  ·         Spring Recruiting - Cub Scouting is for boys in grades 1-5.  Any boy currently in kindergarten can join as of June 1, because we consider him to have graduated.  This class is the easiest to excite about the cool things your pack does.  Do not miss the chance to invite them to your pack in April and May.  Families want something to do over the summer.  If you wait until the fall you will miss these families.  Additionally, that will be 3 months for them to learn about and join other youth activities instead of your pack.  Recruiting can be as easy as sending a flyer to the school inviting them to your pack meeting.  We will print and deliver free, color flyers.  We will work with the school to try and visit and talk to the boys.  But we need you to ask us first.  Contact Mark Hays at ASAP.
 ·         2014 Shoot-o-Ree - The new Shoot-O-Ree event is for the whole family! The 2014 Shoot-O-Ree is open to registered Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers. Cub Scout-age siblings may participate too, provided they pay the event registration fee and their parent or adult is present during the day.  All shooting programs are designed to be age-appropriate. Programs for Cub Scouts: BB guns, archery, sling shots, water balloons, rubber band shooters, marshmallow shooters, and much more! Saturday, May 3 from 9AM-3PM at Beaumont Scout Reservation. Cost is $10 by April 30.  Cub Scouts who bring a friend to sign up for Scouting that day will also receive a special patch!
 ·         Cub Scout Leader Training: "How To Camp" - Do you admit you're not the best camper?  Or do you want to hone your outdoor survival skills to be more appropriate with Cub Scouts?  "Leader Outdoor Experience" (LOE) is designed for Cub Scout leaders to do just those things.  Attend either of 2 sessions: April 26-27 at Beaumont Scout Reservation or May 3-4 at Pine Ridge Scout Camp (Makanda, IL).  Fee is $20 and includes 3 meals + materials. Contact 256-3126 for more info.
  • ·         Spring Camporee - All Boy Scouts are inivted to join us as we kick-off the camping seasons as a district.  There will be games, competitions, a campfire, and great bonding.  Spring Camporee is April 25-27 at Camp Famous Eagle (on S bar F Scout Ranch).  Cost is $10/person by April 18.  Click the link above for the manual and to register.

·         Boy Scout Leader Training - For Scoutmasters and Asst. Scoutmasters to be "trained" and wear the "trained" patch on your uniform, you must complete this training course and Intro. to Outdoor Skills.  Training is offered in three evening sessions.  You must attend all three sessions.  These trainings are NOT available online.   April 15, 22, 29 from 6:30-9:30 pm at St. Peters United Church of Christ, Ferguson.  RSVP to Steve Rechtien  at 660-4674. Cost is $20 and includes leader manual, participant resource notebook, and TRAINED patch. Intro. to Outdoor Skills is May 2-4 at Beaumont.  We will tell you more about it at the evening training sessions.

 ·         Spring Recruiting - Boy Scouting is for boys in grades 6+.  Any boy currently in 5th grade can join as of June 1, because we consider him to have graduated.  This class is the easiest to excite about the outdoor activities and high adventure outings your troop does.  Do not miss the chance to invite them to your troop in April and May.  Families want something for thier sons to do over the summer.  If you wait until the fall you will miss these families.  Additionally, that will be 3 months for them to learn about and join other youth activities instead of your troop.  Recruiting can be as easy as sending a flyer to the school inviting them to your troop meeting.  We will print and deliver free, color flyers.  We will work with the school to try and visit and talk to the students.  But we need you to ask us first.  Contact Mark Hays at ASAP.

   ·         Second Week of Summer Camp DISCOUNT - Sign up for 2 or more summer camps and save!  Attend a week of Boy Scout or Venturing Camp and get a second week at $160 (a $100 discount) at one of these camps:  Fishing Camp, STEM Camp, Eagle Trail Camp, or Catholic Adventure Week.  Are you going to camp in another council?  You can come back and do a 2nd week at one of these camps and get a $50 discount!  Talk to our Camping Department at 314-361-0600 for help registering.

  ·         "2013 Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner" - Know a Scout who earned the Eagle rank in 2013?  He and a parent are invited on behalf of our council president Richard McCluer and Scout Executive Ronald Green to honor David L. and Thelma Steward and the entire Eagle Scout Class of 2013.  May 14 at Chase Park Plaza. Free to Eagle Scout and one parent. Seating is limited. One guest ticket can be purchased. RSVP due April 30.

  ·         2014 Shoot-o-Ree - The new Shoot-O-Ree event is for the whole family! The 2014 Shoot-O-Ree is open to registered Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers. Cub Scout-age siblings may participate too, provided they pay the event registration fee and their parent or adult is present during the day.  All shooting programs are designed to be age-appropriate. Programs for Boy Scouts/Venturers/Explorers: Tomahawk throwing, handguns, shotguns, rifles, archery, and more!!  May 3 from 9AM-3PM at Beaumont Scout Reservation. Cost is $10 by April 30. 


·         Venturing Website – Don’t forget to check out our council’s Venturing website for activities and announcements throughout the year​.
·         Spring Recruiting - Venturing is for students in grades 9+.   Any student currently in 8th grade can join as of June 1, because we consider them to have graduated.  This class is the easiest to excite about the high adventure outings, social activities, and co-ed membership of your crew.  Do not miss the chance to invite them to your crew in April and May.  Suggestions include setting up a display at the school, promoting your crew at city-wide events, phone calls or post cards directly to students (if you have a "Buzz Book"/directory from the school).    Contact Mark Hays at ugContactSMark Hays at or McFarlane Dunan at McFarlane.Duncan@Scouting.orgfor help. for help.
   ·         Second Week of Summer Camp DISCOUNT - Sign up for 2 or more summer camps and save!  Attend a week of Boy Scout or Venturing Camp and get a second week at $160 (a $100 discount) at one of these camps:  Fishing Camp, STEM Camp, Eagle Trail Camp, or Catholic Adventure Week.  Are you going to camp in another council?  You can come back and do a 2nd week at one of these camps and get a $50 discount!  Talk to our Camping Department at 314-361-0600 for help registering.

 ·         Important Dates:

April 24 - Deadline for Advancement Reports to be filed for recognition at Celebration Dinner

May 19 - Council VOA Meeting

May 29 - Venturing Celebration Dinner

June 15-21 - Swift Base Summer Camp "Past, Present, Future"

June 22-28 - Swift Base Summer Camp "Sea Scouts vs. Pirates"

July 6-12 - Swift Base Summer Camp "Are you tough enough?"

August 11 - Council VOA Meeting

Sept. 26-28 - Fall Fun Rally

October 17-18 - VOA Officer Training

November 24 - Council VOA Meeting




March 19
Spring Camporee for Boy Scouts & Webelos Scouts -- April 25-27

Ahoy fellow Scouts and Scouters,

Arr!! We would like to welcome you to the most extravagant, exilerating North Star 2014 Spring Camporee, “Scouting the Seven Seas”, at our very own S-F Scout Ranch.

This year we are having a pirate themed camporee!  A couple of requests for the weekend: First, during this camporee we would like each troop to make their very own pirate flag!  This flag can have any type of pirate design, as long as it is scout appropriate. Next, we would like each patrol to create their own crew name.  This crew name will be used for tracking the score of the crew in order to determine the best pirate crew of 2014!  The scoring system will be as follows: at each station, the crew will be scored on performance, effort, and enthusiasm using a 10 point scale, 10 out of 10 being the highest.  The scores for each station will be totaled along with bonus points if your crew has a flag and crew name.  The best crew will be announced at the closing campfire and be given an award.  So brush up on your pirates skills or ya'll land lubbers will be marooned back to Rumrunner's Isle!  Strap on your sea legs and be ready for a nautical adventure of fun and laughter for all ages and sizes!  We hope to see everyone there.   Be prepared for enthusiastic enthusiasm throughout the weekend!!  This will be a chant shouted throughout the weekend, so remember "enthusiastic enthusiasm!"

 Overall the weekend will be jam packed with fun and the chance to learn new skills.  We are proud and happy to invite you to our Camporee “Scouting the Seven Seas”.


WHAT:  Spring Camporee -- "Scouting the Seven Seas"
WHEN:  April 25-27, 2014
WHERE:  SbarF Scout Ranch (Knob Lick, MO)
WHO:  Boy Scouts, Webelos Scouts (camping with a troop), and adults
COST:  $10 per youth or adult before April 18 or; $12 on or after April 18

You can register online (see below), through the mail, or at any service center.
ACTIVITY STATIONS:  Patch 'em Up, Protect Your Ship, et Your Rigging, Raiding Party, Boat Hopping,  Human Cannon, Shock and Awe, Test Your Accuracy, Pirate Boot Camp, Treasure Hunt, S.O.S., Liar's Dice, and more!

Download the manual: Spring Camporee Manual.pdfSpring Camporee Manual.pdf

For more info, contact Adult Campmaster Advisor Kelly Henley at 314-346-2630 or Adult Webelos Campmaster Advisor Steven Garrett at 314-302-8856.
February 11
Catholic Scouts and Units Earn Awards at Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis


Sunday 2/2/14 was the annual Scout Sunday for the Boy Scouts of America

The Catholic Committee on Scouting celebrates this day with a Scout Sunday award presentation at Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.  Individual Catholic Boy Scouts who have earned the Ad Altare Dei award along with Boy Scouts and Venturers who earn the Pope Pius XII award are presented their metal by Bishop Rice.  A total of 20 North Star Scouts from Sacred Heart, St. Angela Merici, St. Ferdinand, St. Martin Deporres, St. Norbert, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, and St. Sabina Parishes were recognized.  In addition, competitive Unit awards were presented to Scouting units that have demonstrated community service, participation in religious activities, and individual spiritual growth with youth earning individual awards.  Units must submit an application form to be eligible.  North Star units took 5 of the 12 Unit awards.  The following units were recognized:
Cub Scout Pack 829 - Chaplain's Honor Unit
Boy Scout Troop 939 - Archbishop's Participation Unit
Boy Scout Troop 940 - Archbishop's Honor Unit
Boy Scout Troop 829 - Archbishop's Outstanding Unit
Venturing Crew 829 - Archbishop's Honor Unit

View the Office of Catholic Scouting's Facebook page for lots of pictures. 

February 01
Swimming Skills Center -- Earn Swimming or Lifesaving Merit Badge, Aquanaut, Learn Swimming Skills or Life Guard Certification

Update  Registration for Session 2 (Feb. 22-March 29) is NOW OPEN.  Class sizes are limited so register online today! You cannot beat the price of $2.50 per lesson!  Cost increases Feb. 14.  Register at


Recreational swimming is a great way to relax.  Swimming ​is an excellent form of exercise, providing a full-body workout.  Some occupations even require workers to swim, such as lifeguarding and marine biology.  Swimming is a competitive sport and art.  However, it can be a very dangerous activity for the inexperienced.  

 Who is this event for?

-Youths or adults of any age who would like to learn how to swim or swim better
-Webelos Scout (grades 4 & 5) who wants to earn the Aquanaut activity badge
-Boy Scouts (grades 6+) who want to earn the Swimming merit badge
-Boy Scouts (grades 6+) who want to earn the Lifesaving merit badge
-Youths or adults 15+ years old who would like to become certified lifeguards


Sign up for one time slot in either the first or second course.  You can attend multiple classes or even both courses, but pay the additional $15 registration fee for each.  Every participant is required to take a swimming test at the first class.  The test will place participants of all ages in ability groups.  

Students taking Lifeguard Certification should read the prerequisites below.  A refund is available to those students who do not pass them when tested. 
​​Course 1:  January 4, 11, 18, 25 & February 1, 8 ​
​9:30-10:45 AM Boy Scouts (Grades 6-12):  Lifesaving or Swimming Merit Badge
10:45-11:30 AM​ Webelos Scouts (Grades 4-5):  Aquanaut Activity Badge
Boy Scouts:  (Grades 6-12) Swimming Skills
Adults (Ages 18+):  Swimming Skills
​11:30 AM-12:15 PM ​Youth (Grades 1+):  Swimming Skills 
​12:15-1:00 PM ​Youth (Grades 1+):  Swimming Skills
​1:00-1:45 PM ​CANCELLED
​​ ​​
​ ​
​Course 2 :  February 22 & March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
​9:30-10:45 AM Boy Scouts (Grades 6-12):  Lifesaving or Swimming Merit Badge​
​10:45-11:30 AM Webelos Scouts (Grades 4-5):  Aquanaut Activity Badge
Boy Scouts (Grades 6-12):  Swimming Skills​
Adults (Ages 18+):  Swimming Skills
​11:30 AM-12:15 PM Youth (Grades 1+):  Swimming Skills 
​12:15-1:00 PM Youth (Grades 1+):  Swimming Skills
​1:00-1:45 PM

Youth (Grades 1+):  Swimming Skills 

​10:00 AM-2:00 PM ​​American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification (Ages 15+) --  Course Instructions.pdfCourse Instructions.pdf
*** Students must register by January 25. 
Where:  James Eagen Center (1 Civic Center Dr., Florissant, MO  63033)

Cost:  $15 per participant by Feb. 14  ($18 per participant after);
           $110  per participant for Lifeguard Certification

Class size:  Some classes are limited to 20 students and others to 50 students.  Visit the online registration below to see availability.

Registration MUST be done online.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

For additional information or questions, contact Steven Miller at 314-223-4426 or John Kavanaugh at 314-839-8226.​

February 01
North Star Chapter Order of the Arrow Annual Fellowship Banquet

​In case you missed the post card, ignore our Facebook and Twitter posts, never check the chapter's website - - and forgot that "annual" means every year, our North Star Order of the Arrow Annual Chapter Banquet is coming!

Meal will be spaghetti and meatballs, and large portions are assured!

Our banquet theme is "Scouting Heritage Trivia." You are encouraged to bring a table of 8 people to the banquet, as you would for a trivia night. If you cannot gather 8 people, we'll still find a place for you! 

Who:  All Order of the Arrow members, especially those who received Ordeal membership this summer and those who received Brotherhood membership this fall

Where:  St. Sabina Catholic Church, 1625 Swallow Ln., Florissant, MO  63031

When:  Sunday, February 9; 1-5 p.m.

Cost:  $12

How:  RSVP at​ (preferred) or walk-in

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