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October 08
Retention Ideas for Cub Scout Leaders

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Below are some ideas for increasing the tenure of leaders in your Pack.  In the process of cleaning up the offices here at West Pine, we found an old publication from 1993.

There are some solid truth in this top ten list.  We're giving it to you in original form, but know that there have been some advances in technology in the last 20 years.  Enjoy.


Rention Ideas for Leaders: 10 Ideas for Increasing Leader Tenure

1.  Proper Recruiting.  Use proper recruiting techniques.  Show the need - boys need quality leadership.  Be sure to ask the right persons.  Stress commitment, support, and training.

2.  Training.  Leaders need training.  Introduce them to Fast Start training, and offer them an early invitation to basic training.  Impress upon them the importance of roundtables.  Continuous training is vital.

3.  Recognition.  Recognize your leaders for a job well done.  Let them know they are important and appreciated.

4.  Support.  Leaders need good support.  Let them know what support and what resources are available.  Publicize your program.

5.  Uniforming.  Leaders must set the example of proper uniforming.  Make uniforming important.  Investing in a uniform shows commitment and belief in the Scouting principals.

6.  Family Participation and Cooperation.  Stress the whole family concept.  Secure parent cooperation as each family joins.  Provide good family orientation.  Inform parents - involve parents. 

7.  Good Communication.  Good communication is vital for good leadership.  Communication is through roundtables, commissioners, planning meetings.  Follow pack/district/council calendars.

8.  Chartered Organization and Pack Relationships.​  Make Cub Scouting important!  The chartered organization provides a FULL pack committee for the unit.  Use the pack budget plan.  Follow through to ensure a quality pack program.  Plan and work toward the National Quality Unit Award.

9.  District/Council Cooperation Relationships.  Develop a good relationship between the pack and its district and council.  Participate in district and council activities, training, etc.  Get to know the district executive and commissioners.  Invite leaders to visit your pack.  Strengthen relationships.  Let your leaders get involved and participate in council and district events.

10.  Relax and Enjoy.  Leaders should relax and enjoy their assignments.  Be flexible and follow the Cub Scout program as outlined.  Try it - it works!  Plan well, keep pack standards high.  Enjoy your time with the boys!  Create lasting friendships with boys, leaders, and parents.  There is a great joy in giving service to the boys!  Cub Scouting is a great program.



Please do not hesitate to contact your District Executive with questions or concerns.  We are here to support you.  District Director William Humphrey serves the Normandy, Pattonville, and University City areas.  District Executive Joshua Stockstill​ serves the Clayton, Ladue, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, and Ritenour areas.


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