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Greater St. Louis Area Council: Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America:  Greater St. Louis Area Council
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Pathfinder > Posts > Let’s Make ReChartering Easier
October 08
Let’s Make ReChartering Easier

The Pathfinder District just completed our October Roundtable. At this point, a leader in your unit should have the unit's ReCharter Packet from the Greater St. Louis Area Council. (If you don't, please contact your District Executive). This packet will guide you through the ReCharter process. Use the notes below to make ReChartering Easier!!!

October Roundtable: ReCharter Packet Distribution
December Roundtable: ReCharter Workshop
December 15, 2013: All ReCharters due to the Council Office


REGISTER ALL YOUTH AND ADULT LEADERS NOW. In your ReCharter Packet you will find the Roster for your unit as of 9/30/2013. Make sure that all youth and adults that are participating in the Scouting program are registered.


  • Is every active youth in my unit registered? If not, submit Youth Applications for each youth not currently on your roster. Youth applications must be signed by the parents/guardian and the unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, or Venture Advisor).


  • Is every active adult leader in my unit registered? If not, submit Adult Leader Applications for each adult not currently on your roster. Adult Leader Applications must be signed by the current Committee Chairman and Chartered Organization Representative.


  • Is every active adult leader in my unit registered for the right position? If not, submit an updated Adult Leader Application to the Council Office with the appropriate signatures (no registration fees required!). It is CRITICAL that you have each adult registered for the proper position. Council and District Communications are specifically sent to Unit Leaders, Committee Chairs and Chartered Organization Representatives.


ALL REGISTERED ADULT LEADERS MUST BE CURRENT ON THEIR YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING. Have all of your adults taken Youth Protection Training (Available online at Youth Protection Training is only valid for two years. Many adult leaders were dropped during the 2013 ReCharter because this was not completed. Please be prepared to submit Youth Protection Training Certificates for each adult leader at the December ReCharter.


Please email your District Executive with questions or concerns:
William Humphrey,

Joshua Stockstill,


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