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Greater St. Louis Area Council: Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America:  Greater St. Louis Area Council
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September 04
Fall Camporee 2014

​Pathfinder Camping committee has been working hard to create an exciting camporee! Below you will find the manual! If you have any questions, contact Heather Henderson at  

2014 Fall Camporee Manual.pdf2014 Fall Camporee Manual.pdf

November 06
The Three Aims of Scouting

Character Development:  Encompasses a boy's personal qualities, values, and outlook.

A Scout learns confidence, honesty, and self-respect.
A Scout respects other people, regardless of differences.
A Scout practices his religious beliefs.


Citizenship Training
A Scout works among others in a troop with rules based on the common good. 

A Scout learns about and takes pride in his own national heritage.

  • A Scout understands social, economic, and governmental systems.
  • A Scout learns service, tolerance, and community involvement.

Mental and Physical Fitness.

  • A Scout improves his physical condition through exercise and outdoor activities.
  • A Scout encourages good health habits.
  • A Scout discourages drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.


A Scout learns sound judgment, resourcefulness, and decision-making skills.

October 17
Let's Make Charter Renewal Easier

Recruit adult leaders to help you complete the below steps.  Make your December Recharter simple, swift, and painless!

At the October Roundtable, your unit should have received its Recharter Packet.  Inside that packet are the basic instructions on how to complete the process online.  Don't let this sit idle for two months!  All recharters are due into the council office by December 15, 2013.  Print this email out and use it as a checklist.

Communicate with Adult Leaders and get some of this stuff out of the way NOW!



  • All adults link their account at to the National Database.
  • All Youth/Adults have been registered and processed at the council office (get all applications in by November 1.)
  • All Adults have completed Youth Protection Training
  • You have contact information for all leaders.
  • You have a list of active youth  (from each Den Leader in the case of Cub Scouting).

Before you hit submit . . .

  • Is each person adult listed in the correct leadership position?
  • You must have 5 Key Leadership Positions filled - Unit Leader, Committee Chair, Chartered Org Representative, and two Committee Members.  Cub Scout Packs must also have at least one registered Den Leader.
  • Have you entered contact information for your key leaders?  Specifically emails.
  • Do not remove "Tiger Partners" or "Scout Parents" from your adult leadership unless their Scout is no longer in the program.  Each Tiger Cub must have a "Tiger Partner."  There is no fee for parents listed as Tiger Partner or Scout Parent.

ALL RECHARTERS ARE DUE TO THE COUNCIL OFFICE BEFORE DECEMBER 15, 2013!!!  Give yourself time to get the appropriate signatures after the online charter has been submitted.

If you have additional questions or have not received your recharter packet, please feel free to reach out to your District Executives - William Humphrey or Joshua Stockstill.

Yours in Scouting,

The Pathfinder District

October 10
Boy Scouts of America and UMSL Tritons

Scouts and Leaders wearing their uniforms will be admitted to the UMSL soccer games on Friday, Oct. 18 for just $1. The women's soccer team plays at 5 p.m. while the men's game will start at 7:30 p.m. Both contests will be played at Don Dallas Field on the UMSL Campus. Attendees can stick around after the game for a meet and greet with UMSL players and coaches. For more information contact Brian Youngberg at 314-516-5751 or

October 08
Let’s Make ReChartering Easier

The Pathfinder District just completed our October Roundtable. At this point, a leader in your unit should have the unit's ReCharter Packet from the Greater St. Louis Area Council. (If you don't, please contact your District Executive). This packet will guide you through the ReCharter process. Use the notes below to make ReChartering Easier!!!

October Roundtable: ReCharter Packet Distribution
December Roundtable: ReCharter Workshop
December 15, 2013: All ReCharters due to the Council Office


REGISTER ALL YOUTH AND ADULT LEADERS NOW. In your ReCharter Packet you will find the Roster for your unit as of 9/30/2013. Make sure that all youth and adults that are participating in the Scouting program are registered.


  • Is every active youth in my unit registered? If not, submit Youth Applications for each youth not currently on your roster. Youth applications must be signed by the parents/guardian and the unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, or Venture Advisor).


  • Is every active adult leader in my unit registered? If not, submit Adult Leader Applications for each adult not currently on your roster. Adult Leader Applications must be signed by the current Committee Chairman and Chartered Organization Representative.


  • Is every active adult leader in my unit registered for the right position? If not, submit an updated Adult Leader Application to the Council Office with the appropriate signatures (no registration fees required!). It is CRITICAL that you have each adult registered for the proper position. Council and District Communications are specifically sent to Unit Leaders, Committee Chairs and Chartered Organization Representatives.


ALL REGISTERED ADULT LEADERS MUST BE CURRENT ON THEIR YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING. Have all of your adults taken Youth Protection Training (Available online at Youth Protection Training is only valid for two years. Many adult leaders were dropped during the 2013 ReCharter because this was not completed. Please be prepared to submit Youth Protection Training Certificates for each adult leader at the December ReCharter.


Please email your District Executive with questions or concerns:
William Humphrey,

Joshua Stockstill,

October 03
The Seven Principles of "Leave No Trace"

1. Plan ahead and prepare.

Proper trip planning and preparation helps hikers and campers accomplish trip goals safely and enjoyably while minimizing damage to natural and cultural resources. Campers who plan ahead can avoid unexpected situations and minimize their impact by complying with area regulations such as observing limitations on group size.

2. Camp and travel on durable surfaces.

Damage to land occurs when visitors trample vegetation or communities of organisms beyond recovery. The resulting barren areas develop into undesirable trails, campsites, and soil erosion.

3. Pack it in. Pack it out.

This simple yet effective saying motivates backcountry visitors to take their trash home with them. It makes sense to carry out of the backcountry the extra materials taken there by your group or others. Minimize the need to pack out food scraps by carefully planning meals. Accept the challenge of packing out everything you bring.

4. Leave what you find.

Allow others a sense of discovery: Leave rocks, plants, animals, archaeological artifacts, and other objects as you find them. It may be illegal to remove artifacts.

5. Minimize campfire use.

Some people would not think of camping without a campfire. Yet the naturalness of many areas has been degraded by the overuse of fires and increasing demand for firewood.

6. Respect wildlife.

Quick movements and loud noises are stressful to animals. Considerate campers observe wildlife from afar, give animals a wide berth, store food securely, and keep garbage and food scraps away from animals. Help keep wildlife wild.

7. Respect others.

Thoughtful campers travel and camp in small groups, keep the noise down, select campsites away from other groups, always travel and camp quietly, wear clothing and use gear that blends with the environment, respect private property, leave gates (open or closed) as found. Be considerate of other campers and respect their privacy.
October 01
Focus on Program & Ready the Recharter

Below are some reminder/helpful hints for this Fall Season.  I urge you: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ALONE. Utilize other adult leaders in your unit to make your program bigger, better, and more organized.

  • 1. Recruitment Clean Up
  • 1.  Get all applications to the office ASAP (But definitely before Monday, September 30, 2013).

    2.  Follow up with young people and families who attended your Recruitment event, but have not yet registered.

    3.  Have veteran leaders reach out to each new family: Do they have questions?  Have they bought their son's uniform?  What is their family most excited about this year?  How was their first den meeting?

    4.  Get new leaders (or old ones) to training!  All leaders must complete Youth Protection Training, but getting them to a training that will give them program experience.

2. Creating a Scouting Culture

  • 1.  Hold a Uniform Inspection.  Scouts will appreciate that the uniform is taken seriously.  New Scouts will appreciate knowing that they are wearing it well.

    2.  Start talking about the BIG Scout Outings you have planned (even if they are 8 months away).  Is it a specific camping trip, High Adventure, orSummer Camp?  Start getting people excited about it now.

    3.  Cubmasters talk shop with your Den Leaders. What does their curriculum look like this month? What does their advancement strategy look like?

    4. Scoutmasters and Venture Advisors challenge your young people to embrace leadership in a new way (advanced training, a solid book, or setting some goals for the year).

3. Preparing for Recharter

September 30
DAY ONE – A Cub Scout Event You Don’t Want to Miss

DAY ONE is scheduled for the coming Saturday, October 5th at Beaumont Scout Reservation. This is a day full of fun (especially good for new Cub Scouts). What boy doesn't want a chance to shoot a BB gun or scramble across a Monkey Bridge? It's also a great opportunity to get a taste of what the Boy Scouts have to offer in area facilities, including the pretty impressive Beaumont that's about a 30-minute drive for most units in the Pathfinder District. Activities run concurrently during the day so families can duck in for however long they want. The charge is $7 per scout with the rest of the family free.

You can get more information at Cub Scout's DAY ONE at Beaumont Scout Reservation.

CLICK HERE to register for DAY ONE

September 23
Quality Program Requires Trained Leadership

We all want our Scouts to have the best experience possible this year.  Each of our Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos deserve a quality program that instills leadership, character building, and a love for the GREAT outdoors.

Below you will find training opportunities. While it is important to get every registered adult leader trained, it is also important to share this training with every parent bringing a Cub Scout into the program.  They hold a lion's share in this program's success!!!

Advanced Leader Training: Optional, but incredible.

  • Leader Outdoor Experience (LOE) - This overnight training experience will change your Pack's program. The next available LOE is October 5-6, 2013 at Beaumont Scout Reservation.  Get as many leaders and parents to this training as possible!!!

  • Wood Badge - This advanced leader training start in May 2014.  Its a big commitment, but it will make you a bigger leader.

Classroom Training:  Best way to learn the basics!

Online Training:  Quick. Easy. Available.

  • Youth Protection Training - All registered adult leaders MUST complete Youth Protection Training every two years. Visit to complete the training online.  IMPORTANT:  You must link your account with the council database to receive credit for this training.

    Basic Leader Training - Complete This Is Scouting and Leader-Specific Training!  This Is Scouting is offered first, followed by a break-out session for leader-specific trainings (Tiger Cub Den Leader, Cub Scout Den Leader, Webelos Den Leader, Cubmaster and Pack Committee member). Account

Before you start training, link your MyScouting.orgAccount to the National Database. You will need your Membership ID and an active MyScouting.orgAccount.  Follow the instructions below.

1. Login to

2. Click "Update My Profile."

3. Scroll down to "Membership Info."

4. Under "Council Name" select "Greater St. Louis Area Council - Saint Louis,MO - #312"

5. Next to "Membership ID" type your personal Membership ID that can be found on your Unit Roster

6. Click "Add"

For additional assistance, please contact Please contact your District Executive if you need to acquire your Membership ID. Please contact the National Office with LogIn Issues with

Frequently Asked Questions



September 19
Upgrade Your Fall Recruitment

Your unit's internet recruiting tool can help take your School Night and/or Fall Recruitment to the next level.

Each unit in the Pathfinder District has a pin placed on the Scouting Map.  It can direct new youth to your unit, and it can also take new applications for your unit. Unit Leaders, Committee Chairs, and Charter Organization Reps all have administrative access to make changes to the unit BeAScout Pin through

On Wednesday (August 21st), the Greater St. Louis Area Council will start radio, TV, and newspaper campaigns that direct all youth and parents to  It is to each unit's advantage to have an updated pin. 

Do THREE things:

  • FIRST: Make sure that you have CURRENT contact information for three leaders.
  • SECOND:  Make sure that your Meeting Address is right (Street Address MUST be on "Address 1:")
  • THIRD:  Add useful unit information under "Additional Unit Information"

  • - Optional Forth:  Add Unit Website.
  •  - Optional Fifth:  If your unit would like to receive ONLINE APPLICATIONS, watch the video below.

Important Training Video for Online Applications!


Important information about your Account!

Before you get started, link your Account to the National Database. You will need your Membership ID and a​n active Account.  Follow the instructions below.

1. Login to

2. Click "Update My Profile."

3. Scroll down to "Membership Info."

4. Under "Council Name" select "Greater St. Louis Area Council - Saint Louis,MO - #312"

5. Next to "Membership ID" type your personal Membership ID that can be found on your Unit Roster

6. Click "Add"


For additional assistance, please contact National

Please contact your District Executive if you need to acquire your Membership ID.

Please contact the National Office with LogIn Issues with

Frequently Asked Questions

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