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Greater St. Louis Area Council: Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America:  Greater St. Louis Area Council
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October 04
Volunteers needed November 9th

From: Cathy Sandy []
Subject: boy scout volunteers


I am the Volunteer Coordinator for two of Bridgeway Behavioral Health’s programs- the Women’s Center, a domestic violence shelter, and SART- the sexual assault response team.  Bridgeway is hosting a 35th anniversary celebration on Saturday, November 9th, and I’ve been charged with volunteer recruitment for the event.  We are looking for about 40 volunteers to help with a variety of tasks including silent auction support, registration, set-up and tear-down.  I realize that those roles might not be appropriate for younger scouts, but perhaps some of the older boys might be interested- and if they’re able to engage their parents all the better!  We also have a very specific thing in mind that we believe would be very well suited to scouts, and that is parking help.  Rick’s Roadside Market, where our event is being held, has two large gravel lots with no stripes.  We’re afraid that chaos will ensue with no one there to direct and plan for traffic, and we hope that scouts will be interested in helping with this project.


Thank you in advance for your attention.




Cathy Sandy

Volunteer Coordinator

Bridgeway Women's Center and SART



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