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Greater St. Louis Area Council: Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America:  Greater St. Louis Area Council
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September 24
Fall Recruiting Successes and Follow-up Steps
More youth are joining Scouting this year than last!
There is a lot of excitement about the affordable programs and flexible schedules Scouting offers. We signed up 25% more youths in Scouting during this year's "School Night to Join Scouting" campaign than last year's plus we still have lots of second-chance-to-join invitations to send out because we know many families were at sports practice or had to work late.  
Congratulations to the following units who signed up MORE Scouts this year than last:
Pack 71 -- 8 more boys!
Pack 152 -- 6 more boys!
Pack 186 -- 5 more boys!
Pack 271 -- 19 more boys!
Pack 551 -- 9 more boys!
Pack 608 -- 9 more boys!
Pack 615 -- 3 more boys!
Pack 702 -- 1 more boy!
Pack 710 -- A brand new pack with 26 boys!
Pack 711 -- 1 more boy!
Pack 716 -- 2 more boys!
Pack 736 -- 13 more boys!
Pack 829 -- 13 more boys!
Pack 921 -- 14 more boys!
Pack 940 -- 5 more boys!
Pack 945 -- 6 more boys!
Pack 950 -- 6 more boys!
Pack 951 -- 5 more boys!
Troop 71 -- 1 more boy!
Troop 271 -- 1 more boy!
Troop 383 -- 4 more boys!
Troop 608 -- 4 more boys!
Troop 749 -- 3 more boys!
Troop 921 -- 1 more boy!
Troop 939 -- 1 more boy!
Crew 746 -- 45 more Venturers!
Crew 829 -- 6 more Venturers!

Way to go! 
What do we do now?
1. Turn in all remaining applications. If youths are participating without being registered, they may not be covered under insurance or able to earn advancement.  If you are waiting on payment, it is likely the family is unable to pay. Notify the family that financial assistance may be available. Your unit treasury may be able to cover the fees or our council executive board may authorize financial assistance. Contact Mark Hays for questions regarding the latter.
2. Make sure your families know when meetings are and who to contact. Families want to see a calendar of activities for the upcoming school year - campouts, hikes, weekly and monthly meetings, service projects, fundraiser, etc. Program planning ideally occurred in June or July so the calendar was available for recruiting in August and September. If your unit needs assistance planning the year of activities contact your unit commissioner.
3.  Get your Scouts active NOW. For Cub Scouts, make sure they attend Cub Scouting Day One. For $7 an entire family can go to Beaumont and shoot bb-guns, slingshots, explore a cave, see horses, go on wagon rides, cook over a fire, play games, make a rope, climb a castle, play in a fort, make crafts, shoot rockets, walk on a monkey bridge, and earn their first patch! Learn more at For Boy Scouts and Venturers, attend Fall Fun Rally, Fall Encampment, and some merit badge skill centers to reinforce advancement quickly.
4. Give students who missed your sign-up night a Second Chance to Join Scouting. We know some families missed because of sports, work, etc. We want to send flyers to schools and invite students to your regular meetings (no extra work on your part). Please provide meeting times, dates, locations for a couple upcoming meetings on the following form as soon as possible. Send to Mark Hays at or fax 314-256-3081. 


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