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December 27
Journey to Excellence - Be a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Unit!  Important Year-end Information To Help Unit Leaders



The December month brings with it a bit of tedious paperwork for Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews as they renew their annual charters for the upcoming year. This process is due, in completion, to any service center by January 15, 2013.  An additional, very important component is the Journey to Excellence unit recognition program. Journey to Excellence (JTE) is an ongoing strategic plan that a unit should implement that helps them track quality and performance of their Scouts, leaders, unit committee, financial soundness, and more. Staying on track and trying to reach the goals ensures the best chance a unit will be successful. 
Unit Scorecards


These scorecards can be used the way they are or you can use the help of an Excel spreadsheet that has been designed for you to plug in the data and have it output the results for you!  A sample and tutorial is below.  The spreadsheets can be HERE.

When you turn in your charter paperwork prior to January 15, 2013, you also need to submit a JTE Scorecard, qualifying your unit to possibly earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold recognition within the Boy Scouts of America!
To complete the JTE Scorecard, you will find the following Journey to Excellence Scorecard Tutorial.pdfJourney to Excellence Scorecard Tutorial.pdf (shown below) and Journey to Excellence Data for Unit Scorecards.pdfJourney to Excellence Data for Unit Scorecards.pdf (data to use for completing the Scorecard when it says "refer to council") VERY HELPFUL!   If you think there is an error, please contact Sr. District Executive Mark Hays at or 314-550-4233 and he will double check your data.
Need help entering the service hours at (one of the JTE requirements)?  Here's another handy tutorial for you!  Entering Journey to Excellence Service Hours Instructions.pdfEntering Journey to Excellence Service Hours Instructions.pdf

 JTE 2012 Tutorial.jpg


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