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Greater St. Louis Area Council: Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America:  Greater St. Louis Area Council
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October 01
Focus on Program & Ready the Recharter

Below are some reminder/helpful hints for this Fall Season.  I urge you: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ALONE. Utilize other adult leaders in your unit to make your program bigger, better, and more organized.

  • 1. Recruitment Clean Up
  • 1.  Get all applications to the office ASAP (But definitely before Monday, September 30, 2013).

    2.  Follow up with young people and families who attended your Recruitment event, but have not yet registered.

    3.  Have veteran leaders reach out to each new family: Do they have questions?  Have they bought their son's uniform?  What is their family most excited about this year?  How was their first den meeting?

    4.  Get new leaders (or old ones) to training!  All leaders must complete Youth Protection Training, but getting them to a training that will give them program experience.

2. Creating a Scouting Culture

  • 1.  Hold a Uniform Inspection.  Scouts will appreciate that the uniform is taken seriously.  New Scouts will appreciate knowing that they are wearing it well.

    2.  Start talking about the BIG Scout Outings you have planned (even if they are 8 months away).  Is it a specific camping trip, High Adventure, orSummer Camp?  Start getting people excited about it now.

    3.  Cubmasters talk shop with your Den Leaders. What does their curriculum look like this month? What does their advancement strategy look like?

    4. Scoutmasters and Venture Advisors challenge your young people to embrace leadership in a new way (advanced training, a solid book, or setting some goals for the year).

3. Preparing for Recharter


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